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Who we are ?

The micro design club is a group of students who have a passion for the embedded field. Our goal as a club st to share and improve knowledge in this field. Micro design therefore offers the opportunity for members to improve their knowledge in the field of embedded systems not only through workshops, trainings and events but also projects proposed by companies like ardia stmicroelectronics and to give them a vision professional.

What we do


after participating in trainings and workshops of the club it’s time to apply your knowledge and build your project with your friends.


You are motivated? and here is your chance to share your knowledge in embedded systems. Workshops are presented by the club members to share their knowledge with their peers.


Each year the club participates in the opening day of the clubs, and also it organizes a day of embedded systems HELD which is in the middle of the 1st or the 2nd semester of the academic year (and this is the time to share your project to the public).

Are you ready for the challenge?

Our Projects


Bonjour tout le monde !

Bienvenue dans WordPress. Ceci est votre premier article. Modifiez-le ou supprimez-le, puis lancez-vous !


Atelier sur la carte STM32 utilisant cubemx animé par Aiisa Mariem stagaire en pfe à ST,l’objectif de l’atelier est de faire un jeu de lumiére avec cette carte .

Make Party

Do you have ideas and you want to put some life into them?Do you want to join a community of makers, to know others’ ideas and stay in touch?to share knowledge, learn new things and find like-minded people?Well if you do, microdesign, in collaboration with nomad association invites you to a make party where makers […]

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